• Samantha Blanc

B&B Kitchen & Bath Design Studio

Blanc & Bailey Construction has some exciting news! As our workload has primarily become isolated to regions of Southern Vermont, we’ve decided to take a leap and open a new location located at the base of Stratton Mountain in Bondville, VT. Now before you get too underwhelmed, you should know that this isn’t going to be your stereotypical cubical office, filled with filing cabinets, ringing telephones and mediocrely friendly secretaries.. Oh no! This piece of real estate will be what your pinterest board dreams are made of.. Well, your kitchen & bath dreams that is.

We have partnered with some of the best interior designers, cabinet makers, stone cutters, and building suppliers in Southern New Hampshire and Vermont to bring to you B&B Kitchen & Bath Design Studio. Walpole Cabinetry, Creations in Stone, and LaValley Building Supply are just a few of the incredible contractors that have brought this dream of ours to fruition. From top of line custom-built cabinets, to lustrous stone countertops, we’ll be able to help you find the ying to your yang.

Thirty years in business has not only allowed us to perfect the art of commercial and residential construction, it’s also allowed us to gain an extensive background in customer service. By branching B&B Kitchen & Bath Design Studio to Blanc & Bailey Construction, convenience will be no deterrent.

B&B Kitchen & Bath Design Studio plans to open it's doors by Fall of 2020. Stay tuned for any updates, progress photos or dates regarding our Grand Opening!

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